From the pages of the Wilmington Journal over 150 years ago on January 4, 1872:

On the front page begins the list of names of persons and other entities being in arrears of taxes for the previous year.

A schedule for the Cincinnati & Muskingum Valley Railway noted passengers need not change cars to get to their destination. [This line ran from Loveland through Wilmington to Lancaster.]

In New Vienna the Second Monthly Meeting of the New Vienna Sunday School Union was held. Instrumental music was provided by Miss Lucy Rogers at the organ and Mr. D. M. Stivens leading the singing.

Mr. C. H. VanTress advertised as a carpenter/joiner.

Marriages recorded were Mr. Joshua Oglesbee and Miss Mary S. McCartney, Mr. Alexander White and Miss Elizabeth Cook, and Mr. Jason C. McCollum and Miss Caroline Gray.

E. F. Marble is advertising watches, clocks, and jewelry. The store is located on South Street opposite the Courthouse. Singer Sewing Machines are available at Brackney and Haines located on South Street.

Miss Louella Denny will give music lessons at her residence on Locust Street.

Could you perhaps have passed the teachers’ examination of the day? Following are questions on the geography portion of the test.

1. Where are volcanoes most numerous? 2. What volcano is in the United States? 3. Give examples of salt springs and mineral springs. 4. Name the new capitals of West Virginia, Georgia, and Louisiana. 5. Give the most noted rivers and cities of the Middle States. 6. What meridian divides the hemispheres? 7. Give the names of our Congressman and Representative. 8. Where is the Yosemite Valley and for what is it noted? 9. What do you understand by Topical Geography? 10. Do coffee and nutmegs grow as shrubs or trees? [NO, I DO NOT HAVE THE ANSWERS.]

The Clinton County Teachers Association will hold its next meeting at Sligo. Mr. Morrow is the principal of that school. An essay will be presented by Miss Lizzie Conard, Miss Ona Hadley, and Mr. Graves.

The following few sentences are published as part of a rather large article entitled “The Curse of the Hour”: “Everywhere, everywhere we hear lying, lying, lying. Men and women who would knock you down if you would call them liars, lie every hour. Deception is the rule rather than the exception. Canvassers lie about insurance companies. Brokers lie about stocks. Editors lie about politics. Exaggeration and misrepresentation rule the hour.” [The submitter opines the more we seem to change, the more remains the same.]

A notice was given to all sportsmen that no hunting was allowed on the lands of the following individuals: James Brown, Andrew Tomlin, Isaiah Hildebrant, John Skimmings, James Fleming, and Jonathan Hays. Another entry was a “Notice to Trespassers” that “no hunting with either dog or gun” was allowed on the premises of John K. Howell, Wm. Biddlecum, Caleb Moore, Mahlon Stratton, Thos. Kimbrough, or Elwood Hale

Beth Mitchell is a longtime Clinton County History Center volunteer. She writes articles for our quarterly newsletter about a variety of past Clinton Countians and genealogy subjects.