Mikaela onsite of the Quaker Heritage Center’s archive room at Wilmington College.

The History Center is pleased to welcome their newest intern, Mikaela Prescott. Mikaela is a current student at Wilmington College majoring in History. She is redesigning the Relic Room, which formerly featured a collection of doctor and dentist materials, Native American arrowheads, and common home goods from yesteryears. The new and updated exhibit will feature history pre-dating Clinton County (1810), when Indigenous peoples cultivated the land and other prehistoric animals called Southern Ohio home. The museum plans to include an interactive “touch” portion to this exhibit, which will encourage children to interact with artifacts in their Education Collection. Here’s what Mikaela had to say about working with the History Center…

“My name is Mikaela Prescott and I am a History Major at Wilmington College. I began my internship in the Winter of 2020. While at the History Center I am undertaking a major overhaul to include an exhibit about Ohio’s natural history and Indigenous peoples. This is thrilling for me as I hope to pursue higher education with a focus in Native American Studies through graduate school at the University of Oklahoma, and to eventually expand into a doctorate program. When I am not at the Center knee-deep in projectile points and trilobites, I can be found with a good book, watching Star Trek, or playing Dungeons & Dragons. I hope to see you in the Spring when the new exhibit opens!”



Relic Room in 2020 before Mikaela’s internship.

Previous Native American artifact display.

Additional arrowhead objects from previous Relic Room collection.