Written by Genealogy Library volunteer, Beth Mitchell.

Information for this article appeared in the Wilmington News Journal
on Wednesday, May 19, 1880. Each year a test was approved by the
school board to be administered to potential teachers for the coming
school year. Can you pass the test? NO, I do not have the answers. I
guess they did not have Google either. If you can prove the answers
and score at least 60 % on the test, please come to the Genealogy
Society library. We have prizes!!!!! I did not include all of the
arithmetic test as my limited typing skills do not do well on decimals,
fractions, areas, etc.
GEOGRAPHY 1. Describe the motions of the earth, and give the proofs
of each, and the effects of these movements. 2. What is the equator?
The prime meridian? What are parallels, tropics, polar circles, and
meridians? 3. Locate the zones of the earth and give the width and
boundaries of each. 4. What are trade winds and in what direction do
they move? 5. Describe the axis and orbit of the earth; a mountain
system; a river system; watershed, and plateau. 6. What
circumstances determine the climate of a country? 7. Name and
describe three of the largest rivers in the world and locate three of the
highest mountains. 8. What, if any, difference is there between seas,
gulfs, and lakes? Name and locate the largest gulf, sea, and lake. 9.
What are the chief imports and exports of the United States? 10.
Draw the outline of Tennessee and name and locate its capital.
UNITED STATES HISTORY 1. Name the principal Spanish, English,
French, and Dutch navigators who made voyages to North America.
Give the dates of their discoveries. State what part of the coast was
explored by each. 2. What were the chief causes that led to
emigration from the old world to America? 3. What were the chief

causes that led to the war of the Revolution? When and where was
our present Constitution prepared and how was it adopted? 4. What
gave rise to what is known as the Missouri Compromise? Who was its
principal supporter and what were its most important provisions?
ENGLISH HISTORY 1. When did King Alfred reign in England? What
was the condition of the country during his reign? What influence did
he have upon English literature? 2. What causes led to the ratification
of the Magna Carta? Who reigned in England during the disputes and
difficulties with the American Colonies? What was his character? 3.
Describe briefly the English Constitution and form of government.
THEORY AND PRACTICE 1. How many months have you taught? 2.
What works on theory and practice have you read? 3. What are you
doing to prepare yourself for the business of teaching? What do you
do to prevent tardiness and irregular attendance? 4. Explain your
method of teaching geography to beginners?
PHYSIOLOGY 1. Of what practical value is a knowledge of Physiology?
2. How are the muscles formed and how are they attached? 3. Name
the organs which constitute the digestive apparatus. 4. How are the
arteries and veins connected? 5. Locate and describe the uses of the
epiglottis and the eustachian tube. 6. What changes are affected by
respiration? 7. Describe the circulation of the blood, naming the
cavities and valves of the heart.
ARITHMETIC 1. If I buy U. S. bonds bearing 5 percent interest in gold
and pay $120 in currency for $100 in bonds, what percent in currency
shall I realize on my investment, gold being worth 115 1-5?