The following information was found in the Wilmington Journal dated June 6, 1872:

‘A Glorious Decoration Day In Wilmington’

According to previous arrangements a large number of ladies, gentlemen and children met at Preston’s Hall on May 30th and under the direction of Colonel A. W. Doan, proceeded to Sugar Grove Cemetery for the purpose of “strewing the graves of our dead soldiers with flowers.” A band provided wonderful music and the little girls and boys carried garlands, wreath flowers, and bouquets.

The Throne of Grace address was given by Rev. B. Y. Siegfried in an appropriate and touching prayer. Assignments were given as to the graves to be visited and strewn with flowers. Captain Charles Ent proceeded to the graves of Claudius Morgan, William Adams, Henry Hagerman, Enoch P. Arnott, Lieutenant Eli McMillan, John E. Lazenby, and Captain R. E. Fallis.

Lieutenant John Barlow visited the graves of David Henderson, John Taylor, Samuel Henry, George M. O’Neal, James B. O’Neal, Seymour J. Reed, John B. Morey, and Captain A. H. Chapman.

Captain D. A. Lamb went to the graves of Edward Bruce, Lannes Irvin, Frank Johns, Frank Bayhan, an Unknown Soldier, C. T. Atkinson, and Robert Stevenson.

Comrade Lon Fisher went to the graves of Dr. J. Cheauvreut, Cyrus Vanpelt, J. L. Hinman, D. H. Horseman, Jacob Carroll, D. P. Carroll, and Daniel Kelley.

Comrade Frank Babb went to the graves of Joseph O. Woodruff, Warren Fuller, Charles Ashcraft, Colonel J. R. Parker, William Lang, Dr. M. H. Quinn, Captain A. E. Strickle, and W. H. Grantham.

The exercises were closed by music and a patriotic prayer given by the Rev. S. H. Bingman.

‘A Bold Robbery’

On Thursday May 30th a bold robbery took place at the residence of Mr. John Kersey about four miles West of Wilmington. Rebecca, Mr. Kersey’s sister, was threatened by the robber who got a substantial amount of bonds and money. Mr. Kersey has offered a reward of $400.00. The robber has not been caught.

‘New Vienna Notes’

There is one department in which New Vienna excels. It mentions her flouring mills owned by Wm. P. Miller and G. W, Brooks. Mr. Wm. M. Moon is named as a miller at the mill and it can produce 150 barrels of flour daily.

The Marietta Railroad runs twenty-seven trains per day.

V. T. Stephens of New Vienna is a chair manufacturer. He makes an excellent style of workmanship using cane seat and split-bottom. Frank Conrad of the firm of Nordyke and Conrad, in addition to being a family grocer, has added a stock of agricultural machinery.

Samuel Miller knows how to keep hotel. His hotel, without exception, is one of the best in the county.

Mr. J. W. Wallace, teacher of District No. 2, is very popular as a teacher and was a brave soldier during the War.

Mrs. S. F. Williams carries on the Millinery business. She manufactures to order the latest styles of bonnets, hats, dresses, etc. and has a full assortment of notions, ribbons, flowers, laces, trimmings, and patterns.


William Biggs of Cuba, Ohio carries a full line of the Buckeye Riding or Walking corn plows.

Beth Mitchell is a longtime Clinton County History Center volunteer. She writes articles for its quarterly newsletter about a variety of past Clinton Countians and genealogy subjects.