Why local history matters — Have you ever wanted to meet the “double first-cousins” of Clinton County Quaker artist, Eli Harvey? Our staff did just that last week!
The Cheshier Family of Georgia scheduled a special tour of our museum while they were in Ohio for a family reunion. The father and grandfather of sweet matriarch next to the Hadley folding bathtub possibly used the tub when in Clinton County during their lifetime.
Fun fact: Her father was a former projectionist at the Checker’s Murphy Theater in the mid-1900s.  Rebecca Harvey-Hadley, who assisted in creating the 1840s Quaker Abolitionist Quilt and signature is on one of the patterns, is also an ancestor of the Cheshier Family.
These visits and connections are why we are here and strive to meet our mission daily! Local connections such as these are why all history is local history!