May is Preservation Month. Established in 1973 by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the event is co-sponsored by local preservation groups, State historical societies, business and civic organizations across the country. During the month of May many events are planned to promote historic places for the purpose of instilling national and community pride, promoting heritage tourism, and showing the social and economic benefits of historic preservation. Thousands of people participate annually in Preservation Month celebrations.

The Little Giant is today’s local #preservationmonth building feature.

Located on North South Street in Wilmington, this small-town diner came to town in 1947 thanks to Kroger Babb. Why this place matters?
Was the result of historic horse-drawn lunch wagons in the late 1800s. As popularity grew, these wagons began to resemble train dining car styles. The Little Giant Restaurant had 10 stools and offered early & late meals to customers. The specific brand was a Valentine Manufacturing Co. dinner. In 2009 the Little Giant was restored. What you see today is its 1947 exterior.

Check out this series of photos during the preservation and moving process…