The Sugartree Mill has stood in Wilmington Ohio for many years. If walls could talk stories of Clinton County’s past would be evident amongst its foundation, bricks, and wood. Now under new ownership, the proud purchasers of this historic building are diligently working to restore the history of this location. They have published a blog on their website which features articles on the building’s past —

“The Mill,” as our city affectionately calls her, has a long and resilient history, but no matter her purpose, has always contributed towards the livelihood and enrichment of the people of this community. How many hands have lovingly made bread from her flour? (Gristmill, 1881-1912) How many 4-H animals were raised on her grain? (H.A. Barrett & Son Feed Mill 1918-1947) She was repossessed by the bank in 1912, and was damaged in a fire in 1947. By 1978, The Mill became a storage building for Maher Construction, and then morphed again into a recycling center. The Mill is a formidable establishment, always dying and coming to life again, much like the life cycle of wheat, the crop she was built to work. But thanks to her sturdy walls, and the ingenuity and dedication of people in our community, she is always rebuilt.

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