The Murphy Theatre will be celebrating its one-hundredth birthday on July 24, 2018.  In anticipation of this event, and to record and preserve the history of this magnificent theatre,   Jennifer Hollon has written a book entitled “The Historic Murphy Theatre, the People, the Entertainment, and the Monument.”

Ms. Hollon, Murphy board member and President of the Clinton County Historical Society, has donated her time, research and photographs for the publication of this book. Generous donations will cover the cost of the book’s publication.  100% of the purchase price will go to the preservation of the theatre.

This coffee table size edition indexed and in full color, contains stories, memories, and facts about a century of entertainment on Main Street. Books sell for $49.95.

The Clinton County History Center will be selling “The Historic Murphy Theatre, the People, the Entertainment and the Monument.”  To support the preservation of the Murphy Theatre, the History Center will not be receiving a commission on book sales.

I’d rather have his monument on Main Street than at Sugar Grove Cemetery.   Charles Murphy