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Local History

The founding of Clinton County

On February 19, 1810, the Ohio General Assembly passed an act establishing the county of Clinton, named for General George Clinton, then Vice President of the United States. A county seat was needed in order to have a place to hold courts.  Three commissioners were appointed by the state legislature to find land suitable for a county seat.

The two land owners, David Faulkner and Joseph Doan, donated 50 acres and 10 acres respectively, to enable the establishment of the county seat. On June 21, the Court of Common Pleas ordered the village to be laid out by James McManis from Clarksville. Lots, streets, and alleys were designed and were ready for sale by August 1810.  The largest lot sold for $100 and was located on the corner block of South and Main Street. The least expensive lot was on Sugartree Street, selling for $4.12 ½.

The deeds issued on September 3, listed the name of the village as Clinton. However, by September 10, the name was changed to Armenia. By December 31, the name became Mt. Pleasant; and finally, on February 10, 1811, the official name became Wilmington, honoring the Quaker immigrants coming from Delaware and North Carolina. The end of the first year of Clinton County and Wilmington’s existence came to a close. The foundation for the future had been laid.

Additional Topics

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Courthouse Construction Missing Tank, by Dan Nixon


Ohio Historical Marker Program

Ohio Historical Markers identify, commemorate, and honor the important people, places, and events that have contributed to our state’s rich history.  The program, administered by the Ohio Historical Society, is an educational tool, informing residents and visitors about the significant aspects of Ohio’s past.

Clinton County has eight Ohio Historical Markers:

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