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2014 - 2016

Photography: Our History Exposed

Kodak Cameras ca. 1910s - 1920s

Introduced in Paris in 1839, photography changed the world forever:  Within a few years portraits were affordable for almost everyone and you could travel the world and never leave your parlor.
The History Center’s new exhibit “Photography:  Our History Exposed” reflects over 100 years of photography in Clinton County.  The exhibit includes Daguerreotypes from the 1840s, ‘tintypes’ of the Civil War era, and a stereoscope and ‘views’ of the Victorian era.  Also on display are cameras from the 1880s thru the 1980s and photographic and darkroom equipment from the studio of Clinton County photographer Clarke Nagley (1887 – 1972).

For more information, view a pdf of the exhibit brochure.


CABINETS OF CURIOSITIES: The Weird and the Wonderful

Cabinets of Curiosities

This exhibit features oddities collected over the last fifty plus years, some weird and some wonderful.  Among the seventy-five items on display are jewelry and wreaths made of human hair, a doll inspired by the 1918 flu pandemic, items from Burch Arthur’s funeral home, and many artifacts that were once used in daily life but whose function now eludes us.




Civil War Artifacts

Reflection of Time

Civil War Day at the History Center

In conjunction with the Reflection of Time, Civil War Day at the History Center an exhibit of Civil War era artifacts formed a special display in General Denver's library.






Juliette Gordon Low’s life changed forever when in 1911 she met Sir Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides in England.  Low returned to Savannah, Georgia, and on March 12, 1912 she gathered 18 girls to register the first troop of American Girl Guides.  Today, 100 years later, Girl Scouting has grown to 3.7 million members and is the largest educational organization for girls in the world.

In 1923, Mrs. (Edith Ledbetter) Arthur and Mrs. Russell F. (Edna Madden) Hale of Wilmington became members of the Girl Scouts of the United States of America, and formed the first troop in Wilmington. 

Girl Scout Volunteers Rachel Collins and Jolene Hoggatt, have generously loaned their collections of seventeen Scouting uniforms, manuals and memorabilia to the Clinton County History Center for an exhibit celebrating 100 years of Girl Scouting in America.        


Ladie's Victorian Underwear"UNDIE COVER”

“Undie Cover,” will run through December 2013.  Ladies undergarments are the focus of an educational and entertaining journey through the Center’s collection.  Vintage ladies undergarments are spotlighted, spanning a 70-year time frame.  “Undie Cover” features undergarments from the late 1850s to the early 1920s.






Purse ExhibitPower of the Purse

Originally named for the money they contained, purses were carried by men and women alike.  Over time, the purse fell almost exclusively into the domain of women. Few items in our lives speak so clearly of our public and private selves.  A purse is an outward symbol of style, status, and personality.  It is the keeper of some of our most private and personal belongings. “The Power of the Purse,” features sixty purses, from 1772 to 1962.